The worldwide market for sports, music, and movie rights is growing rapidly. Medial ways of distribution reach a steadily growing amount of users. New formats are created, the relevance of content rights is getting more and more important. These changes offer new chances!

The mobilemotions Marketing KG is a marketin company for media with offices in Austria nd Germany. Due to the bundled know-how, you are receiving the complete range of competences regarding successfull advertising and target oriented marketing.

We are looking forward to your request!


  • administrates and markets media, sponsor and other rights
  • Supports organizers, associations, federations, athletes and artists which face the challenge to increase the level of awareness and optimize their income
  • Consults owners of rights, broadcasting stations, organizations, athletes, artists and companies, which consider sponsoring as a part of their marketing mix
  • Is now involved in the more than 20 years of tradition of the biggest racing series for circuit races in central Europe with historical racing cars called "Histo Cup"

"mobilemotions", as a joint venture company, founded by VICEM Mediasolutions and the Storz Medienfabrik, has, with the founding shareholders, a longstanding expertise in the global right trading.
"mobilemotions" is moving a tight network of media and distribution partners for all modern channels, like TV, Internet and mobile.

mobilemotions sphere of action
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